Hobby Guide to Japan

Language, media, and culture

This website was made for the PA Media and Design Competition of 2022. This is the first website that I have ever coded, and I chose to make a website about Japan because I have always been interested in its customs and pop culture for many years.

Using the navigation table on the side, you can learn the writing systems for Japan, vocabulary terms, sentence particles and structures with examples, and fun facts about the country. You can skip to any part that you want!

Another reason why I wanted to make an educational website for learning about Japan is because I was trying to learn the language outside of school, and I had a lot of issues. I originally intended for this website to only be about learning the language. I had to use multiple random websites to learn the basics of the language, but a lot of parts of it were confusing, and many programs required you to pay to get access to more confusing lessons. I wanted to create my own site to put in information so that I can make learning easier for myself and others. This project was originally titled, "Hobby Guide to Japanese," but I changed it to "Hobby Guide to Japan" because I added fun facts as a way to learn more about Japan outside of the language.

I wanted the focus of this website to be about the hobby aspect. This website isn't intended for the highest level of the language. I wanted this site to be an introduction for those who don't know anything about Japan and/or want to become more interested in it. This website is also a hobby of my own because it has helped me learn how to code, and I am learning more about Japan. This is a passion project for me, which makes the process of making the website more fun.

Regardless of the competition, this website will always be updating! I plan to add more information to every category. My other plans are to make my own designs rather than using clipart, and I want to make this website look more unique by adding background images, fonts, and different colors. I hope to focus on this website more over the upcoming summer, because as a 12th grade student, I have other work to do.